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Webinar: The Case for SAP S/4HANA

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The Case for S/4HANA: A Customer Case Study

Join Jeff Clark, GROM’s VP of Solutions, on Tuesday, January 16th, as he presents an informative webinar on building a business justification for moving to SAP’s S/4HANA and the potential benefits for your business based on a customer case study.

Mr. Clark will step you through the process it took to build a SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management Roadmap, Strategy and Business Case along with the specific business/technical areas covered for this customer.  He will also describe the business justification and benefits of the S/4 solution for this customer and additional potential benefits based on our experiences.  The presentation will specifically address:

-The benefits of S/4HANA’s simplified architecture
-The business impact of Fiori
-The real story with S/4HANA and Analytics
-SAP S/4HANA’s benefits for Business and IT
-How S/4HANA enables new ways of doing business

2:00 to 3:00 pm