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Aerospace & Defense

A perfect storm of factors is lashing the Defense and Aerospace industries. From defense budgets that change with daily headlines to technological innovation that can make obsolete whole classes of products to changing tactical missions, today’s aerospace and defense firms must be as agile and responsive as ever to meet the ever-changing strategic picture.

In today’s ever-changing world, the watchwords of the industry – speed, precision, flexibility and perhaps most importantly, efficiency – are more vital than ever before. To succeed, Defense and Aerospace companies need to be all of those and more – they need to reach the next level – in both the attitudes that they have and in the tools that they use.

From industrial scale-ups to technical re-engineering, the industry basics – design, build, market and upgrade – remain the same. So the tool set that a company chooses to support it must also have the flexibility to meet the changing environment and the rugged dependability of a proven product.

GROM offers unmatched expertise and a deep understanding of the business drivers unique to the Aerospace and Defense Industries whether you are an electronics, civilian aviation, high-tech defense systems or logistical support company. Our solutions are designed to help you meet your specific challenges and deliver tangible business value.

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