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Few industries are as exposed to the ebbs and flows of the broader economy as the Engineering & Construction industry. In good economies, America builds. In bad times, it doesn’t, making the Engineering & Construction industry arguably the American bellwether industry.

Yet even when building is on the upswing and backlogs are healthy, protecting margins and mitigating project risks are still formidable concerns. Inflationary pressure on the costs of building material and labor, maintaining cash flow through increasingly complex projects without compromising speed, and the challenges posed from both international competitors and international customers alike are just a few of the pressures that are all in a day’s work for Construction & Engineering executives.

GROM’s industry consultants can help you achieve the operational excellence that it takes to both mitigate the effects of down cycles while capitalizing on up cycles. GROM will ask the right questions that are essential to help you achieve high project visibility, enable process efficiencies, minimize cost overruns, and provide consistent returns on assets.

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