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Financial Services

Once upon a time, the financial services industry was as static and steady as an industry could be. Those days are long since gone. Even though business is good in the financial services industry as a general condition, the structural changes in the industry created in response of the banking crisis have generated headwinds for our financial services customers that are unprecedented in both scale and nature.

Increased competition from new entrants to the market, most especially technology companies; brazen challenges by powerful hackers, a hugely expanded regulatory environment; customer demographics that require “right here, right now” service; downward pressure on profit margins from higher capital requirements; and fidgety customer bases which have greater variety and ease of options are all top-of-mind issues for our financial services customers.

GROM stands at the ready to help financial services firms change their business and operating models to rebuild margins and maintain customer loyalty. As their customers demand real-time, omni-channel, and mobile transactions, GROM’s service offerings and capabilities will deliver maximum value for the significant investments our customers are making in their core systems, digital channels, and data analytics.

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