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Higher Education

Business is booming in the Higher Education industry. By some estimates, Higher Ed is a $1.5 trillion market globally. Yet beyond the stalwart elite universities, never in the history of Higher Ed has the competition for qualified students been more fierce.

To preserve their integrity as institutions of higher learning, universities must show selectivity. But the reality is that the number of high school seniors has been decreasing year over year since 2011. This increased competition for students is compounded by the fact that the number of seats at colleges have increased at a faster rate than that of qualified applicants. The resulting over-supply of seats at universities in America is further compounded by increased competition from for-profit schools.

While these battles rage in Admissions offices all over the country, GROM business process consultants can help institutions leverage their technology on several fronts. To improve efficiencies and do more with less, GROM can help improve visibility into operational costs, better leverage supplier relationships, improve yields on assets, employ predictive analytics to support admissions decisions and student retention, and much more. GROM can also help address the “right here, right now” institutional and student demands for access to university resources through mobility solutions that work.

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