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Mill Products

The highly capital-intensive Mill Products industry has seen a dramatic consolidation in recent years. While their counterparts in other industries are facing proliferating competition, mill product industry executives worry about fewer, but larger, global competitors who are more apt to move the market suddenly in terms of price and service levels.

Profitability and growth in the Mill Products industry means navigating against strong headwinds. The volatility of raw material and energy prices carry the risk of higher prices and lower margins. Increasingly onerous national and international regulatory constraints require close monitoring with an eye towards enacting quick and effective countermeasures that will mitigate compliance costs without risking supply chain disruption. These factors have all conspired to accelerate the complexity of supply networks by an order of magnitude from where it was just five years ago.

GROM’s business process consultants are in the business of helping mill products decision-makers:

  • Improve visibility in supply chains, and enhance the ability to promise, create and deliver orders profitably
  • Increase control over asset utilization to achieve higher thresholds of quality, cost and safety
  • Institute greater collaboration on orders to towards enhanced awareness of customer issues, greater flexibility on product configuration, better pricing, and more cost-effective delivery.
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