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Sports & Entertainment

The sports and entertainment industry is at an inflection point. Connected fans are redefining the business through the use of mobile, social, and digital technology. Sports franchises are expanding and are now catering to global audiences. At the same time, player salaries continue to rise as do operational costs and fan expectations. In order to remain competitive, management, coaches, players and other staff need to make big data work for them.

In an industry where winning is the name of the game, leaders know how to identify and engage the fan, providing them personalized service and rewarding them for their loyalty. They use all the data at their disposal to optimize team performance and spend. They implement processes and solutions to maximize gate, media, sponsorship, and merchandise revue. Winning today requires not only a commitment to work hard but also to work smarter and faster.

GROM offers expert advice and solutions in the following Sports & Entertainment areas:

  • Fan Engagement
  • Team Performance
  • Revenue Growth
  • Procurement
  • Finance
  • Analytics
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