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Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale distributors occupy a critical place in most other industry sectors, accounting for well over five percent (5%) of Gross Domestic Product. And just like their customers, wholesale distribution executives are diligently at work to drive down costs every day. Achieving operational excellence and maximizing cost performance are–and have traditionally been–the tickets to their success. But recent studies strongly suggest that this downside orientation is not enough. The new wisdom is to focus on driving gross revenue, to become better rather than just becoming cheaper.

While still keeping an eye on hard-won efficiencies, the wholesale distribution companies that are winning are the ones that are strategically growing their customer base, expanding into new markets, evaluating their product portfolios, and the like. In the face of downward pressure exerted by economic uncertainty, increased competition, and globalization, growth is being achieved by those companies that choose to go on the offensive.

GROM can add significant value to your efforts on both sides of the success equation. In your quest to realize greater operational excellence, GROM can help you unlock your existing ERP assets to achieve, for example:

  • Reduced operational costs without compromising customer service
  • Automated rebate and chargeback processes
  • Enhanced ability to leverage your supplier network towards better suppliers and better prices
  • Optimized forecasting and planning through better analytics
  • Smarter category management, and more…

To help grow your gross revenue, GROM’s industry experts lead your efforts to:

  • Forge an end-to-end margin improvement strategy
  • Leverage SG&A efficiencies to fund expansion
  • Evaluate your product mix
  • Assess and improve your sales force
  • Enrich customer experience through mobility solutions that make sense, and more
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