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What’s Next for SAP Solution Manager?

June 2, 2017

Solution Manager Analysis

Gartner surveyed nearly 80 SAP customers and help three briefings with SAP to compile the below summary of impacts and recommendations. For the full report see  What’s Next for SAP Solution Manager?Solution Manager


  • Enable ERP leaders to graphically visualize existing ERP business processes and to measure direct improvements in them.
  • Allow ERP leaders to see an increase in the effectiveness of SAP Customer Competency Centers to support existing solutions.
  • Will permit ERP leaders to use their SAP customer Competency Centers to support new SAP Hana-based solutions.
  • Will let ERP leaders use their SAP customer Competency Centers to support hybrid scenarios, which include new SAP cloud solutions.
  • Offers new ready-to-run extensions that will benefit new types of user.


Application leaders responsible for SAP ERP who plan a transformation to postmodern ERP should:

  • Work directly with business users to review how ERP business processes are managed to exploit Solution Manager 7.2’s new business process modelling and monitoring tools.
  • Review existing application life cycle management software tools that provide a similar capability to Solution Manager 7.2, which is included as part of their SAP maintenance contract. They should also develop a roadmap to adopt Solution Manager 7.2 modules that meet their SAP-related application life cycle management requirements
  • Evaluate the ability of Solution Manager 7.2 to run on Hana as a way of gradually learning the new skills needed to support Hana in-memory computing technology — assuming they have not already deployed Hana.
  • Set up an SAP Cloud Appliance Library trial system, using low-cost public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS), to evaluate new functionality
  • Evaluate the functionality and usability of each Solution Manager 7.2 Focused Solution by using the 30-day trial facility on low-cost public cloud IaaS.