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Enhancement Service

Is your business frustrated by change taking too long to implement?

Most support teams manage a wide set of configuration options, customizations and technologies in order to deliver a set of end-to-end processes that meet the business needs and drives value. These processes and the business needs are in a constant state of change. The challenge becomes how to remain responsive to the business demands with a limited budget and seemingly unlimited options.

GROM’s Enhancement Services gives your team access to a range of solutions that enable you to respond quickly to changing business requirements. Delivered via our On-Demand infrastructure, our team can rapidly assess your specific requirement and prototype a solution. This agile approach combined with platinum in-county expertise enables you to shorten your delivery timeframes.

Examples of successful enhancement service engagements include:

  • ROM Rapid Deployment Solutions
  • New Technology Installation and Knowledge Transfer
  • Business Functionality Prototyping
  • Custom Development
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Company code / Org structures
  • BI Dashboards/Reporting
  • Security Design
  • Vistex Optimization
  • Invoice Automation / Archiving

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