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Project Management Office

Your Project Management Office (PMO) has been up and running for a few months or even a few years, and you have completed numerous projects. But, does your PMO deliver the value promised when its implementation was proposed? How do you know?

In a study conducted at University of Oxford in 2012, 17% of IT projects perform so poorly that they actually threaten the existence of the company. Moreover, large IT projects run 45% over budget and 56% deliver less value than what was predicted.

A similar study conducted by KPMG in 2010 stated that 70% of organizations have suffered at least one project failure within the last 12 months. In this study, 50% of participants suggested that their projects consistently fail to achieve their stated goal.

In light of these common negative outcomes, it is more important than ever to make sure your PMO delivers the support your company needs. Look to GROM to establish the efficacy of your PMO. With our in-depth understanding of what works, what does not and why, GROM can be a powerful asset in your quest to establish a highly effective, credible and influential Project Management Office for your organization.  Contact Us today!