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Customer Center of Expertise

Primary Customer Center of Expertise

Establishing control centers in an increasingly complex, intricately networked world is not enough. There is a growing need for dynamic adjustments of control centers to provide the holistic governance necessary to achieve operational excellence. To do this requires a highly mature and professional Customer Center of Expertise (CCOE), which serves as a single source of truth and as a central point for functional collaboration among the business, IT, SAP, and partners. This structure helps increase the transparency of business processes, reduce downtime to boost system availability, and lower total cost of operations.

Successful achievement of SAP CCOE Primary Certification requires three essential components:

  1. Managed IT processes which follow SAP best practices for Application Lifecycle Management, Run SAP like a Factory, Operations Control Center and Innovation Control Center
  2. Quality Management with dedicated people responsible for all IT areas and a measurement platform to measure the continuous improvement of customer relevant KPIs
  3. Harmonized reporting that provides a single source of truth to all stakeholders and ensure efficient collaboration on agreed topics

GROM will ensure your organization has the preparation and processes in place to be compliant with SAP CCOE standards. GROM will perform an audit based on globally standardized certification criteria, during which points are accumulated which count toward the threshold requirement for certification. Where there are gaps, GROM will work with you to achieve the compliance levels required. GROM will then complete your certification checklist and return it to SAP.

Advanced CCOE

The structure and processes necessary for Primary Certification lay the foundation for moving your CCOE to the next level, where it can receive an advanced certification from SAP. The next level of Certification (Advanced CCOE) gives companies excellent end-to-end solution orchestration. Internal SAP case studies show that advanced CoE’s can reduce support personnel up to 66%  and increase uptime over 40%.

A customer organization that successfully passes the CCOE with Advanced Certification Audit demonstrates that it:

  • can react quickly to any business and IT changes
  • operates with lowest possible cost and effort while delivering a maximum level of stability
  • has a state-of-the-art IT organization that is ready for new challenges
  • integrates with SAP and partners in critical situations and projects

Once Primary CCOE certification is achieved, GROM will commence with Advanced CCOE Certification preparations with a team of cross-functional resources that work with the business units to resolve critical issues, identify and prioritize enhancement requests and work on business process improvement. GROM will standardize application management, establish a single source of truth for data, manage quality gates, manage customizations to SAP and bring all stakeholders together to resolve issues. Once these roles and processes are in place, GROM will prepare you for the final audit by SAP.