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Human Capital Management

Manage People, Organizational Information and Talent

Today’s workforce is global, diverse, better educated, always connected and mobile. Technology is rapidly changing the way people work, enabling a workforce that can deliver value anytime from any place. Companies that embrace this “new way of doing business” have the best chance of becoming more responsive, productive and innovative.

The nature of business too is shifting. It is a world of increased economic volatility and a world where customers and consumers have more information and are therefore more demanding. These trends are forcing companies to be more innovative and respond more rapidly while reining in costs and headcount.

Best in class Human Resources organizations automate and streamline processes, empowering employees with state of the art HR core solutions. They find the best people and understand how to retain them. They put them in the right place and give them the right knowledge and training to succeed. They have the accurate and optimal information allowing them to make the right decisions that align people and skills with the strategic goals of the enterprise.

GROM provides critical experience and expertise that will help optimize your Human Resources processes across the entire employee lifecycle.

Some of these include:


    Core Human Resources and Payroll

    Talent Management

time payroll

    Time and Attendance Management


    Workforce Planning and Analytics