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Enable Benefits From Idea to Performance

For manufacturers, staying competitive in today’s market is an ever increasing challenge.  Customers expect tailored products simultaneously with rapid delivery, impeccable quality and flawless service. Manufacturers face increased demand, the rising costs of raw materials and intensified regulatory requirements. They also deal with unprecedented competition from international markets like never before. Protecting margins requires lower manufacturing costs, reduced system complexity and the streamlining of R&D processes that accelerate ROI.

Companies now more than ever must innovate, bringing products to market more quickly while meeting compliance, safety, and quality mandates. They need to integrate product design, shop floor, and delivery processes while reducing material, manufacturing and service costs. Lastly, to drive customer loyalty and revenue companies are expected to provide high quality services to an empowered customer base across multiple channels.

GROM has the experience to help integrate processes across product development, operations and service that include:

    Research & Development / Engineering


    Asset Management


    Aftermarket Service



  • Research & Development / Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Asset Management
  • Aftermarket Service
  • Sustainability

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