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SAP Ariba

Let SAP Ariba Innovations Take Your Procurement to the Next Level

SAP Ariba is driving rapid innovations to make procurement, fulfillment and financial supply chain management processes simple and smart. Like making sure you get the right goods from the right suppliers using the right processes. Balancing your financial goals with the needs of your supply chain. Making collaboration on orders, invoices, and payments faster and easier. SAP Ariba platform is now a true platform-as-a-service to drive better commerce and even more innovation.

Ariba Supplier Mobile App – a role-based, action-oriented app you can use to get timely notifications and take immediate action on orders and invoices via Ariba Network.

Catalog & Content Management – capabilities enable catalog managers to easily define, validate, and enrich catalog content with enterprise-grade content management tools. You can create catalog rules to cleanse and enrich the data.

Supply Chain Collaboration – helps you collaborate with your direct materials trading partners, in real time, providing network-generated intelligence to keep inventory in check, prevent disruptions, and easily orchestrate your processes across multiple tiers of trading partners.

Guided Buying – provides an intuitive experience for employees to follow procurement guidelines without having to read them first.

Supplier Management – solution portfolio includes SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance, Supplier Information and Performance Management, and Supplier Risk. It provides an end-to-end solution for managing suppliers, from onboarding to qualification to segmentation. It brings all aspects of suppliers into one comprehensive 360-degree view.

Supplier Risk – helps your buyers make smart, safe decisions prior to purchase, simply by making risk due diligence a natural part of the procurement process.

Direct Materials Sourcing – provides a smarter way to source direct materials by integrating material management, supplier management, and cost optimization into one solution.

Cloud Integration Gateway – integrates your back-end systems with all of your individual buyers. The availability of a self-service wizard and support for a wide variety of transaction formats makes the integration faster and easier.

Extension Studio – allows you to enhance your SAP Ariba solution with drag-and-drop tools, enabling you to quickly create forms, tailor business processes, and adapt your SAP Ariba solution to your business needs with minimum dependency on IT or external services.

Supply Chain Finance – lets you keep cash on hand while keeping suppliers happy. It’s an elegant tool to extend your payment terms and free up working capital while giving you suppliers a cost-effective way to accelerate their cash flow.

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