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Master Data Governance

You may have completed a recent assessment of your data management strategy that has identified many data issues or your business has alerted you to a significant pain point concerning data quality in your Customer Master Data and you are wondering what to do next.

GROM can help you fast track a Rapid Deployment Solution for a specific domain (i.e. customer data) in as little as 6 weeks. This includes the base installation and configuration of SAP® Master Data Governance (MDG) process for select data domain and process monitoring with a single target ERP system.


This will enable you to quickly achieve a return on investment from your information governance strategy by providing transparency in master data CRUD processes across Master Data Governance hub and receiving SAP systems. The Process Observer will help you gain insight into governed master data quality.

Contact GROM to assist with identifying your data issues and customizing a Master Data Governance solution that  produces tangible results in six weeks.