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SAP Hybris

Go Beyond CRM…Go Where Your Customers Are

SAP Hybris is a suite of solutions for all e-commerce business activities. These solutions are loaded with multiple functionalities that cater to merchandising, product management, order management, product information, support for multiple currencies, analytics, social commerce, reporting, support for multiple languages and native support for online mobile device platforms such as Android and iOS.

Designed to support both B2B and B2C models of e-commerce business, the SAP Hybris platform is omni-channel at its core. It integrates all digital and physical customer touchpoints onto a single platform – including online, mobile, point-of-sale, call center, social media and print. Whatever your industry, create contextual, personalized and relevant customer experiences.

The SAP Hybris solution suite—available on-premise or in the cloud—include:

Hybris for Marketing: Hybris Marketing enables real-time contextual marketing. You can engage customers and cultivate brand relationships by:

  • Dynamically capturing customer profiles across all sources into a single view.
  • Leverage implicit customer signals to gain insights into customer’s real-time intents. Convert ‘in-the-moment’ opportunities to dynamically deliver contextually relevant customer experiences across channels.
  • Create new engagements to increase online community participation and customer loyalty.
  • Proactively react to customer opportunities with increased visibility and alignment of the marketing process, resources, and performance.

Hybris for Billing: The SAP Hybris Billing solution helps you innovate your business models so that you can deliver a better customer experience.

  • Monetize subscription and usage-based services in real-time.
  • Share revenues with partners of your business network.
  • Streamline your high-volume revenue management processes.
  • Business users can quickly design and simulate subscription pricing, usage pricing and bundling through configuration, not code.
  • Provide your customers with informative summaries and details on a single bill across multiple lines of business, ensuring prompt payment and reducing billing-related customer inquiries.

Hybris for Sales: SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales will help you to go beyond CRM and create a relationship. Features include seamless mobile device support, granular account management and intelligence capabilities, accelerated opportunity-to-order process management; real time, predictive analytics, email and notes integration, and much, much more.

Hybris for Service: Implement Hybris for Service to manage and deliver a seamless, replicable customer service experience. SAP Hybris Service Solutions allows you to unify your approach in an informed way, creating opportunities for customers to meet their own needs, communicate directly with your people and manage in-person interactions. Includes powerful customer self-service, contact center, and field service functions.

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